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Edgefield Place

Strathmore, Alberta

Why We Love Doing Business in Strathmore.

Edgefield Place, Strathmore's newest Retail Centre, is a nearly 145,000 sf walkable retail mall that enhances the hub of convenience for the community.

Edgefield Place in Strathmore Alberta boasts nearly 47,000 sf of retail and commercial space with units ranging from 1,200 sf to 15,000 sf. Located directly on Highway 1, Edgefield Place is anchored by the successful Tim Horton's franchise, Co-op and Mark’s. It is considered a major centre of Strathmore's retail hub.

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Why Edgefield Place?

With almost 30,000 people relying on the town of Strathmore for their shopping amenities, Edgefield Place plays an important part of the retail hub for thousands of people - making it an ideal location to have a business or franchise.

Why the Town of Strathmore?

The people who live, work and play in the town of Strathmore are loyal and shop local. They are proud of their town and want their vendors and community to succeed. It is the largest and closest shopping area for thousands of people that live within 25km, with 1500 people living within walking distance to Edgefield Place.


The Retail Hub at Edgefield Place

Edgefield Place is a walkable outdoor style mall located just off the TransCanada Highway 1 in the beautiful town of Strathmore.

The mall boasts over 145,000 sf of retail space with only 47,000 sf of retail space with amazing tenants like Co-op, Peavey Mart, Mark’s, and Tim Horton’s have already chosen Edgefield Place as their home.

Businesses Choose Edgefield Place

Along with it's convenient location on the corner of Highway 1 and George Freeman Rd., and nearly 14,000 residents living within 5 KM, Edgefield Place, and Strathmore, offer businesses lower cost of doing business, strong local economy, and a growing and thriving community. Whether you are an existing business looking to open a new location, or are someone looking to open up a new franchise business, Edgefield Place is where you want to be.


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